Choose from one of KayAir's secluded lakes.

Birch Lake, Casummit & Saddle Lake are only accessible by air located in Northwestern Ontario.

Birch lake offers 30,000 acres of area to explore. Casummit and Saddle Lake offer the privacy of being the only cabin on the lake.

Arrive early at KayAir’s Home Base located on beautiful Lake — Lac Seul, five miles south of Ear Falls, ON to unpack. KayAir’s staff will weigh and load your fishing gear, suitcases, coolers, ice (supplied at no charge) and bait on the plane.

For fresh bait (Minnows, Nightcrawlers) buy direct from KayAir. They will be bagged and loaded on the plane just before take-off.

Your party will then take off from Lac Seul, head north and land on your lake. You are now ready to fish for the next 3-7 days. Approximately every three days KayAir will fly in for a camp check to provide fresh ice and additional minnows or bait of your choice.

All of KayAir's cabins were constructed with your comfort in mind.

All cabins are equipped with:

• Hot and cold running water/indoor hot showers • Solar lights • Gas BBQ grill and propane fish cooker • Large covered deck/120-qt. cooler for beer and pop • Large table and comfortable chairs • 2 gas refrigerators with freezers • Large cook stove with full-size oven • All cooking pots, pans, utensils and dishers • Comfortable mattresses • Wood stoves for heating